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Blue Mount


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    Set in the outskirts of Coimbatore city, amidst a serene hilly region called Ettimadai, the entire site has striking views of the hills surrounded by low-level clouds overlooking the lush greenery. Inspired by the typical Chettinad tropical houses, the residence is designed for relaxation and gathering overlooking the client owned farmland facing north. The project is conceived as a modern-day courtyard house intended to tie all the spaces together that enable an intimate, interactive open-plan living atmosphere. The house is carefully positioned to take advantage of the diverse views all around it. The play of bricks in the house adds to another feel of visual comfort. The design imbibes the characteristics of the surrounding houses while preserving its own unique features in terms of materiality and spatial planning.

    Available Amenities

    Street lights

    Security cameras

    Gym facilities

    Children's park

    Visitor Parking

    Waste disposal

    Blue Mount


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    +91 9655 216 216 / +91 9655 326 326

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